Therapeutic Nutrition for Veterinary Practices
    MD's Choice GI Support TM
  • Nutritional support of the digestive tract not previously available elsewhere
  • Cost effective, intensive support
  • For all ages from neonatal to geriatric
  • Addressing nutritional needs improves prognosis and decreases recovery time
  • Can be used effectively as a standalone product in a wide variety of cases

NOW also available as a soluble, small volume, highly concentrated, tasteless powder for our companion animals (and people too):

GI Support™ provides highly digestible nutrients in both a flexible and convenient manner. It is regularly used independently or in conjunction with other therapeutic or treatment programs. This product provides the concentration and flexibility to be used in both the hospital and ambulatory settings, as well as needed from home.

From ulcers to antibiotic-induced diarrheas, feeding the cells and normal floral of the digestive tract will speed recovery times and will enhance existing therapies.

Canine GI Support™ (Viral enteritis (Parvo, Rota, Corona), Pancreatitis, Food Allergy Diarrhea) This product was a key component of the treatment regimen used in a Hepatocutaneous Syndrome case study that was presented at the AAVN’s Symposium at the ACVIM 2003 Annual Meeting and published in the J. American College of Nutrition (abstract).

Feline GI Support™ (IBD, Hepatic Lipidosis, Renal Failure, Viral enteritis) Add these purified nutrients to all enteral feeding protocols or as an enhancement to voluntary intake. Glutamine is used as an energy source by many organ tissues. Carnitine is rate limiting for lipoprotein production (clearing hepatic fat).

Both the canine and feline versions come in 60 g containers which are labeled both for use in clinic and for dispensing to clients for continued therapy at home. 

These powders may be mixed in the patient’s drinking water before they return to solid food or they may be easily mixed into moist food without palatability concerns. 

Available in 300g containers for larger bodies, or longer needs: Mutli-Species GI Supportalso our flag-ship digestive product for people: Intestaide - Human GI Support

The following are a few of the published and/or presented references for the use of MD’s Choice’s Products:

Nutrition and the Critically Ill Horse – B.M. Dunkel, DVM & P.A. Wilkins, DVM, Ph.D – Veterinary Clinics of North America Equine Practice: Critical Care for All Ages, Vol. 20, #1, (April) 2004, Pg 107-126; Nutritional Support and Nursing Care of the Adult Horse in Intensive Care – Joanne Hardy, DVM, PhD, DACVECC, DACVC – Clinical Techniques in Equine Practice Vol..2, #2, (June) 2003, Pg 193-198; Enteral Feeding of a Hyperlipemic Miniature Horse with a Component Feeding Program (abstract) – C. Sommardahl, D.F. Davenport, F.M. Andrews, J. Bartges – Nutrition in Clinical Practice, Vol. 17, #1, February 2002, 68-9; Therapeutic Nutrition II: Customizing an Enteral Nutrition Program for the Critical Care Patient – D.F. Davenport, C. Sommardahl, J.E. Martin – Equine Wild West Veterinary Conference, Reno, NV, Oct. 2002; Enteral Feeding of a Hyperlipemic Miniature Horse with a Component Feeding Program – C. Sommardahl, D.F. Davenport, F.M. Andrews, J. Bartges – 2002 American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Clinical Nutrition and Research Symposium (ACVIM Annual Meeting); Enteral Feeding of a Hyperlipemic Miniature Horse with a Component Feeding Program – C. Sommardahl, D.F. Davenport, F.M. Andrews, J. Bartges – Nutrition Week 2002

It also provides substantial amounts of the amino acids that are rate limiting for wound healing and primary energy source for enterocytes and renal cells. Indicated as an addition to your current treatment protocol in any GI disease such as (post-emesis):

May be used in all common GI conditions
(non-refluxing & non-vomiting):
  • Surgery cases
  • Inappitence
  • Ulcers
  • Salmonella (Equine)
  • Bacterial (Canine & Feline)
  • IBD (Canine & Feline)
  • Pancreatitis (Canine)
  • Parvo (Canine)
Strongly recommended in surgery cases. Enhances existing therapies, reducing recovery time. Not limited to critical care.
Indicated for all forms of diarrhea, including:
  • Simple
  • Stress or Travel induced
  • Antibiotic induced or associated
  • Parasite Induced
  • Protozoal
  • Idiopathic Diarrheas
  • Viral enteritis
  • Foal Heat Diarrhea (Equine)
  • Potomac Horse Fever (Equine)
  • Colitis (Equine)
  • Food Allergy Diarrhea (Canine & Feline)
  • Renal Failure (Feline)


  • Amino acids such as arginine, carnitine and glutamine contribute to glycogenisis.
  • Arginine, when provided orally, stimulates local growth factors and cell replication in the digestive tract.
  • Carnitine stimulates protein synthesis and accelerates fatty-acid oxidation, which lowers lactic acid production. It also reduces hepatic fat through lipoprotein production.
  • Glutamine is in high demand during metabolic acidosis.
  • N-acetyl-D-glucosamine is not absorbed from the digestive tract. It is heavily utilized locally when provided orally and is a structural component of all mucosal surfaces.
  • Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients which selectively support beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.


A proprietary blend of nutrients, specially designed to support the equine GI Tract. Provides large amounts of: L-Glutamine (direct energy source for enterocytes); L-Arginine (rate limiting amino acid in wound healing); N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine (a structural component of all mucosal surfaces); Carnitine (amino acid used in clearing hepatic fat) the pre-biotics Amaferm* and Yeast* (for support of the normal GI flora); Salt* (*only used in the Equine Formula). (FOS (Fructoligosacchirides) & Choline Bitartrate are used in the Canine, Feline, and Human formulas).


To supply nutrients directly supporting the digestive tracts of patients of all ages.


Top-Dressed, Syringe, or NasoGastric Tube depending on the Patient Condition.


If your local Veternarian, Pharmacy, or Healthcare Provider doesn't have it readily available, please give us a call with their contact information... and you can get started by ordering this unique product directly at: MD's

 MD’s Choice also provides THERAPEUTIC NUTRITION™ to your practice through the following: 

  • ArthrosamineBeefy Chewables™ for Canines is available in beef-flavored tablets 120 ct, 60 ct, and 35 ct
  • Arthrosamine™ for People is human labeled, 120 ct capsules
  • Gluquestrian™ is a loose powder for Equines, 1000 g (120d avg maint.) and 500 g (60d avg maint.)

Aggressive building block nutrition for joints and connective tissues. No masking pain. Symptoms are relieved as tissues regain strength. To help you cut through the congested market place and to encourage you and your clients to invest the time into proper nutritional supplementation, MD’s Choice offers a 100% client satisfaction guarantee on their concentrated joint and connective tissue supplements. If Arthrosamine™ or Gluquestrian™ do not address your particular joint or connective tissue problem (Navicular Syndrome included), the product will be replaced or your money will be returned (up to 3 containers without further consultation).

Call or message us if you have any questions.

Equine GI Support™ From simple diarrheas and infectious colitis to peri-surgical use. It is safe for pregnant mares and foals. Now a key standalone digestive product, that was Part III of the "Equine Critical Care Meals™" referenced in Vet Clinics of North America. Available by special order, in quantity only.

I use MD’s Choice’s Equine GI Support on foals and adults. They respond to therapy, which helps them get over a variety of illnesses much more quickly. I use it on ALL foals that are getting antibiotic therapy. As for the adults, I regularly use it on horses with colitis and anterior enteritis. Again, MD’s Choice is offering a one of a kind product, reasonably priced.
– John Bennett, DVM, Murfreesboro, TN

FoalMaker™ (patented product) is a loose powder for Equines, 600 g (30-day supply) - This is a well studied, therapeutic nutritional supplement that provides nutrients needed for optimal reproductive performance. Equine nutritional support to increase per cycle conception rates, even in normal stallions. Study results presented at the AAVN's Clinical Nutrition and Research Symposium (ACVIM Meeting) and American College of Nutrition's Symposium. Available by special order, in quantity only.

Developed & Formulated by:
Dr. David F. Davenport, D.V.M., M.S. (Ag. Econ), M.S. (Nutrition), C.N.S.; Dr. J. Eric Martin, D.V.M., M.S. (Nutrition); Dr. Michael R. Bishop, M.D., Ph.D.

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